LinkedIn has suffered a massive security breach, one that has led to details of more than 700 million of its users getting leaked online. With the company hosting 756 million subscribers, this makes for a leak of huge proportions that makes up more than 92 percent of the user’s details getting leaked.

The details of the hacker or the hacker’s group aren’t known at the moment. However, details that have been stolen are quite substantial in that those include phone numbers and physical addresses of the members along with geolocation data and inferred salaries as well. Fortunately, no password has been stolen.

Interestingly, the above hack comes in the wake of another that took place in April and had affected 500 million of its subscribers then. Among the details that the hackers had decamped away with back then include the email addresses of individuals, full name, phone numbers, account IDs, gender info, links to social media accounts, workplace information, and so on.

LinkedIn however said their preliminary investigation on this revealed this isn’t a data breach as such and that none of their member’s info has been leaked online. As for the dataset being traded online, the company said it comprises information that has been scraped from the site rather than breaching its security. The company would rather like to assure its members that all of their data are safe.

Meanwhile, the latest dataset comprising 700 million users is already on sale on the Dark Web. A sample set comprising of 1 million user info has also been posted online for potential buyers to see. The hackers also revealed they obtained the info by exploiting the LinkedIn API to get access to the data that users put up on the site.