The famous, or rather infamous, Blue Screen of Death is getting a makeover of sorts in Windows 11. According to the new scheme of things, the BSOD will now be sporting a black shade though everything else will likely remain the same.

That includes the sad face as well as the QR codes or the crash dump. The sad face had first made an appearance in Windows 8 back in 2012 while the QR codes made their debut in 2016. The Black Screen of Death is yet to be made functional though but will be better streamlined with the Windows 11 color theme as both the logon and shutdown screens are now in black. That way, a Black Screen of Death will no doubt be more befitting.

The BSOD serves as a way for the IT staff or the Windows support team to better identify issues with the hardware or the memory. This makes the BSOD a Windows kernel error or a mechanism for identifying bugs. The BSOD is accompanied by a data dump that lets the system admins identify the errors that caused the system to crash in the first place.

The new Windows 11 will serve as a comprehensive overhaul of the Windows 10 OS that takes things to the next level altogether. Almost everything with the OS has gone for a change that makes things look sleek and appealing to the eyes. Unfortunately, not all will be getting Windows 11 even though Microsoft announced the software will be made available for free to current users of Windows 10. Windows 11, otherwise, is slated to become official by the end of the year.