Windows 11 happens to be the latest sensation to hit the tech world. It is not that Windows 10 was severely lacking on something but Windows 11 promises to take things to a new height. As a measure of just how much of an improvement Windows 11 happens to be on its predecessor, the platform now comes with some inherent features that are sure to appeal to the power gamers as well. In fact, with the new Auto HDR mode and DirectStorage support on Windows 11, gaming on a PC can pose some serious competition to console gaming as well. Read on to find out more.

Windows 11 Auto HDR mode

Auto HDR mode is a powerful new tool that can improve gaming on a PC by leaps and bounds. It can make the visuals to stand out and look more realistic than ever. The feature will come into effect on all games that have support for DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. No wonder, the feature has been taken from the Microsoft Xbox Series X console where we have seen how much of a difference the feature can make. However, users will need to have a monitor compatible with HDR to make the most of the Auto HDR feature.

Windows 11 DirectStorage support

DirectStorage support happens to be another feature that has been borrowed from the Xbox Series X console to make the new Windows 11 platform more gaming-friendly. Microsoft said the feature is based on the Xbox Velocity Architecture that applies to its gaming console and promises to introduce the same levels of SSD performance as in the latest Xbox console. As it is SSD already offers a huge performance bump over its HDD counterpart though with the new DirectStorage feature on Windows 11, read and write speeds are expected to improve even further, leading to almost console-levels of gaming performance on a suitably specced PC.

Windows 11 was announced on June 24 and is expected to reach consumers later in the year.