If you have always wanted to own the Surface Duo but have skirted the idea due to its high price tag, well, things have smoothed out a lot on the price front so that the dual-screen phone is now available for as low as just $410. That is the price the phone is selling for via Woot. The above price is the lowest it has ever been since its launch when it was priced at a rather steep $1,399.

There however is a catch, the above price applies to a Surface Duo version that is tied to the AT&T network. So, this should work out fine for those who prefer AT&T but for those who’d like to have an unlocked phone will have some work to do too. Here is all that needs to be done, as listed out by a Reddit user by the name, HighWingy.

The first thing to do to unlock the Surface Duo is to have a case # from AT&T. For that, submit an unlock request to the AT&T site and wait for at least a week for it to fail. This should let you have a case #, which is what is needed to get the device unlocked. You might also want to speed things up a bit by calling the AT&T reps though the thing to keep in mind is that you somehow will need to have the Case # for MS to help you with on this.

The next thing to do will be to get in touch with Microsoft though here again, the point to note is that you will somehow need to establish contact with a Surface Duo Trained Rep. Now, this is important as they are the ones who can help you with this and if you aren’t getting them, tell them you need to talk to only a Surface Duo Trained rep.

Once you have the Surface Duo guy on the other end, explain your situation, that you have a Surface Duo that is AT&T locked and that you wish to get it unlocked. Also, explain to them that AT&T does not have the unlock codes and that they referred you to Microsoft for the same. Bring it to their notice that there is a larger investigation ticket to deal with the issue.

You will almost certainly be asked for the AT&T Case # as well as the IMEI number of the phone.

Once they have those, you will be provided the unlock codes, which will let you unlock your phone.

As for the device itself, it is a brand new thing with all the factory seals in place. The ultra-low price tag shouldn’t make one believe it is a refurbished thing or anything of that sort. For the $409.99 price tag, you have the 128 GB version while twice the storage will require forking out another $100. Every other tech spec remains the same, which includes an SD 855 chipset, 6 gigs of memory, and twin 5.6-inch displays that are kept alive by a rather small 3,577 mAh battery.

So, if you have been longing for a Surface Duo phone, you got to hurry as the offer is open till stocks last.