Microsoft today announced the launch of Windows 365, which serves as a means to have access to a full-fledged Windows experience from just about anywhere and using any device. Not only does the service provide you with device independence – you can access Windows 365 using a laptop, tablet, desktop, or even a mobile – it is all about platform independence as well. For Windows 365 is compatible with Mac, iPadOS, Linux, and Android as well, apart from Windows of course.

All that the user will need to access Windows 365 is a device with an active internet connection. Users will be able to have the Windows experience using a native app or a web browser. Windows 365 is going to be available in two configurations – Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise.

With Windows 365 being cloud-based, you can access the service seamlessly even if you switch devices or locations. Performance is also going to be fairly consistent given that the service is going to run in the cloud irrespective of you using a high-end or a medium-grade device. Every user will have their own account and will get to have their apps, data, and setting that they wish on their PC.

Security is a huge issue with such a deployment and Microsoft has ensured there are no compromises on this front. Towards that, Microsoft has relied on a Zero Trust architecture that uses Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA to verify the credentials of the user. Then there also is the option to use Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for additional security apart from using other measures such as delegating specific permissions such as licensing, device management, and so on as per well laid down rules.

That is not all as there is a widespread encryption method used that applies to disks running Windows 365 and stored data. Plus, all network traffic emanating from or directed to the PC is also encrypted.

Microsoft is yet to announce what the service is going to cost even though the company said it will go on air on August 2, 2021. In any case, the service seems tailor-made to suit the present pandemic situation where millions across the world have been forced to stay indoors and work or study from home.