Remember Clippy, the paper clip of yore that you could summon to help you with different aspects of Microsoft Office back then. The same was however not to the liking of many as they found it too talkative and hence disruptive. The result was that Microsoft pulled the plug on the humble paper clip back in 2007.

More than a decade later, Microsoft has stated they are contemplating bringing the paper clip back. However, there is a pre-condition to that happening, Microsoft revealed in a tweet it would bring back the Clippy if the tweet garnered more than 20,000 likes. The number however proved too small as the same has made it well past the 1,50,00 likes mark.

The tweet meanwhile also revealed some details of what the Clippy is going to be in its new avatar. Microsoft said Clippy won’t do much talking this time round. Also, Clippy would be in emoji form, which will also make for a makeover of sorts for the googly-eyed look it sported in the days when it was operational.

The return of Clippy will come as a replacement of the paperclip emoji that is currently rendering service across different Microsoft products such as Windows, Office, Microsoft Teams, and so on. The Clippy meanwhile will form part of 1,800 emoji in Microsoft 365 that will now be sporting 3D design as part of a bigger update plan to comply with Microsoft’s Fluent Design language.

On the whole, it is going to be a lot of fun to have the Clippy back again in the age of Windows 10 and Windows 11. The last time that Clippy was with us, that was during the era of Windows 98 to Windows XP. Microsoft though is yet to confirm when the new set of emojis along with the Clippy is set to be released though that is expected to happen in the coming months. Keep watching!