The Oculus VR headset has just been provided a new update which has made it easier to invite your friends to join in some VR multiplayer games or join others as well. The update which is now available for developers makes it easier to invite or be part of a team in VR multiplayer adventure than ever before.

The latest update largely centers around two feature additions, which include the ‘Invite to App’ button. Placed in the Quest universal menu, the new ‘Invite to App’ button will let users to include their friends to be part of whatever game is open at the moment. Oculus said the new Invite to App feature has been introduced after having been tested on several popular gaming titles such as Beat Saber, Echo VR, and Hyperdash, to name a few.

Similarly, there is the invite option as well that would allow players to include others in the fun. Users will be able to select their favorite game and then generate an invite link that can be shared with friends for them to join in easily. The same is in the process of being included in the Oculus app for both the iOS and Android platforms.

So, all of this means a lot of fun and excitement as you get to engage with your friends in your gaming sessions henceforth.