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Google Nest Hubs to show Air Quality Index badge in future


Google’s Nest Hub smart displays will now be showing a new Air Quality Index badge to keep users better informed of the quality of air around them. This assumes significance at a time when several of the world’s major cities are dealing with industrial and other pollutions. Apart from the new AQI badge, Google is also in the process of adding some new features that will enable users to ask Google about the air quality near them.

It can be like asking, ‘Hey Google, what’s the air quality near me?’ There might also be alerts that will be sounded once the air quality drops below a certain threshold, beyond which it could be dangerous or unhealthy for humans to remain exposed. Or maybe there is going to be a warning shown if the air quality is found unhealthy for specific groups like infants, senior citizens, and so on.

That said, the new AQI feature is going to be available for certain markets only as of now and will show on the Ambient tab of the device. It can be seen beside the clock and weather widgets which will make it easy to have an idea of the air quality outside in a mere glance.

The AQI badge will be derived from the EPA’s U.S. Air Quality Index where pollution is shown on a scale of 0 to 500. Here, any figure from 0 to 50 is considered safe while anything beyond 301 is considered unsafe and maybe even risky for humans. That said, the pollution figures of anything between 101 and 150 can be dangerous for sensitive groups while anything from 151 and 200 could pose risk to certain groups who might also exhibit unusual health effects.

Google though is not able to commit to a specific timeline for the launch of the AQI or when it could be available for all parts of the world.

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