Google has confirmed that the White Google Nexus 4 is out of stock and will not be available for sale anymore. A recent update at Google Play Store reads that the White color special edition Google Nexus 4 is ‘no longer available for sale.’

The White Google Nexus 4 was first spotted at Google I/O 2013 and was soon made available for purchase. At that time, Google mentioned that this would be a ‘limited edition’ device, meaning that only a few devices would be manufactured. So consumers who are interested in buying Google Nexus 4, will miss the limited edition of white Nexus 4 from now.


Last week, the 8GB variant of the White Google Nexus 4 had been sold out, and its status was changed to ‘temporarily out of stock.’ Now even the 16GB variant of this limited edition Nexus 4 is out of stock, and the sad part is that it might never be available for sale again! Hence, Google has also changed the availability status of Nexus 4 from ‘temporarily out of stock’ to ‘no longer available for sale.’

As of now, the reason behind this action from Google is unknown. There are many possibilities that why Google might have stopped offering this limited edition. On the positive side, it could be possible that the entire collection has been sold out in a short period, but we would be surprised to be unaware about this. Hence, we believe that the White Nexus 4 might have received a poor response or may be Google is gearing up for something much more special. If Google shares the actual reason behind this move, then we’ll let you know.