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Sony starts rolling out My Xperia smartphone recovery service globally


Did you buy a new Xperia device lately? And are you worried about losing it? If your answer is “yes” then we have good news for you. The Japanese mobile manufacturer has shared its plans to release My Xperia remote security service globally for Xperia smartphone consumers.

Earlier this year, Sony initially rolled out the app as a pilot product in the Nordic countries. Apparently , the successful beta period of testing and the commendable user feedback seems to inspire Sony for rolling out it globally.

According to Sony, My Xperia can easily locate and protect your Xperia phone as well as personal data in order to make you less worrisome about your phone. Thus, this app uses a web-based interface to secure your phone which is live now at myxperia.sonymobile.com.

How will I get My Xperia on my phone?

The owners of the Xperia smartphone will get a notification as soon as the service will arrive to their region. Following the notification, you can download or install the app over-the-air via Update Center, and the final step includes the activation of My Xperia app in your phone’s settings.


How will it work?

After activating the app in your phone, you simply have to use your Google ID to sign-in to the website to access the central interface that offers you a number of remote functions to ensure the security of your Xperia phone.

The security service enables you to map your lost phone’s location, lock it to ensure privacy of info, ping a message with contact details or entirely wipe-off its storage. The owner will also be able to sound an alert alarm even if the phone is in silent mode.


People who are having a 2012 or 2013 era Xperia phone would be able to access this service in the upcoming weeks. Noticeably, the timing as well as availability of the app may vary according to the carriers worldwide.

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