Moto X, the highly anticipated smartphone from the company owned by Google, is expected to be announced on July 11th. However, Motorola has already confirmed the handset during the D11 conference in May, where the company also revealed its official name besides some of its features.

Couple of days ago, Motorola published the first Moto X ad in July 2 editions of New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. The ad confirms that the number 11 stands for something special for the company. In fact, the ad shows two people diving into the water with their body shapes illustrating the Roman numerals X and I, which together precisely form the number 11.

Even the recent report from Phone Arena also affirms the speculation as one of their journalists named ’Leo Laporte’ has been invited by a Motorola employee for a special event on July 10th and 11th.

The new Moto X will offer the possibility to customize it prior to purchase and integrate some innovative sensors that are designed to make the device more “intelligent” than those currently available in the market. For example, instead of wasting time to find the camera icon or press the appropriate button on the side of the device, users would be able to start it by just flipping the screen.

In addition, there would be a voice control system that  will allow Moto X to recognize the driving user and hence automatically activate the speakerphone feature.

Meanwhile, Motorola has not yet confirmed any event on July 11th, perhaps we have to a little wait for official statement. Stay tuned to know more!