Kim Dotcom, the founder of Megaupload and Mega has officially released the Mega app for Android. Mega was launched earlier this year on the web, and is now available on Android.

Consumers familiar with Megaupload and Mega should note that the Mega app for Android OS is now live. The app has been published on Play Store by Mega Limited and can be downloaded free of cost. If you are interested in checking out the Mega app, click here to go to its Play Store page. For those who haven’t heard about Mega yet, Mega is a cloud storage service, where you can open an account and get 50GB of secure storage space free of cost.

Credit: Google Play
Credit: Google Play

The Mega app on Android provides you a number of different features. You can browse your Mega storage account, upload and download files using your Android device and create public link to files in your account. Other important features include the ability to search files, move files, rename files and delete files.

As of now, the Mega app is only available on Android platform, and it does provide a number of features as mentioned above. If you are not an Android consumer, you will have to wait for a small period of time in order to get the app. Kim has already confirmed that an iOS and Windows client version of Mega is in the ‘final stages of development.’ There was nothing mentioned about Blackberry, hence we doubt if the app will make it to BB 10 anytime soon.


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