UK based retailer Clove has started taking pre-order for the Sony Smartwatch 2. The retailer has mentioned that the Sony Smartwatch 2 stock will arrive by the July 15th, and shipping will start accordingly.

If you have been waiting for the Sony Smartwatch 2, then you can go ahead and pre-order the device at Clove. Clove is offering the Sony Smartwatch 2 for £120 after adding VAT (around $181), and will start shipping the smartwatch as soon as the stock arrives.


This news does come in as a surprise, because July 15th seems to be too early for the Sony Smartwatch 2. The reason being that Sony said that the Sony SmartWatch 2 will be shipped sometime in the month of September. But if Clove can do that two months earlier, consumers would be lucky to get the delivery of the product in July itself. We suggest that consumers who pre-order the Sony smartwatch 2 should give some time to Clove, if the retailer fails to ship the device by July 15th. Because there is a huge difference between the shipping date mentioned by Clove, and the one mentioned by Sony.

For a quick note, you might know that both Apple and Google are going to unveil their own smartwatches very soon. Apart from them, reportedly Microsoft’s Xbox team has started working on its very own smartwatch prototypes.

If you have decided to wait for other companies like Apple and Google to unveil their smartwatches, we will keep you posted with the latest updates. But if you want Sony’s Smartwatch, then you can pre-order it now on Clove.