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Google Glass: Lock-screen, Boutique and MP3 player


Google is reportedly planning to introduce some useful features to the Project Glass that includes a lock-screen, Boutique and a media player app. These changes have been discovered in code of recently released XE7 update for Explorer edition of Glass, which shows the introduction of the new possibilities to the project.

In fact, Zhuowei has analyzed the code of the XE7 update and discovered a number of new features that are in progress. The possible implementation of a useful feature is to lock the screen and protect the unauthorized access, since in this way no one could access the date stored on the device without knowing the code. Google has already confirmed to be working on such as system, in a response to the US Congress concerned about privacy and security of users.

Secondly, the code also demonstrates the existence of the Glass Boutique, which seems to be a version of Google Play Store dedicated exclusively to applications for the wearable devices. It will also allow Glassware and APKs to sync down to the Glass. Unfortunately, this app store is not yet usable in the current version of the system.

Credit: Github

Finally, a new set of cards that will make the Glass a Media Center, ideal for entertainment. The XE7 code shows a feature that would make the glasses a real music player, designed to enable playback MP3 songs with detailed meta information shown on the display.


Clearly, there is no assurance that the Mountain View has decided to introduce these features or not, but according to the latest findings we can say that Google is working hard to advance the project Glass in the best possible way.

Currently, only the developer edition of Project Glass called the Explorer Edition is available for a staggering $1500. According to the Google co-founder Sergey Brin, the consumer version of the Project Glass will arrive sometime in 2014 for a price well below $1500.

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