After a year’s break, LG might come back to offer Windows Phone 8 smartphones again, and it will put the company in competition with other manufacturers offering smartphones that run Windows Phone 8.

According to a report from LightReadingIndia, a Windows Phone 8 device is under development at LG R&D Center. The source did not reveal any information about specs and availability. It is being said that LG wants to study and analyze the current market trends first, in order to launch its own Windows Phone 8 device at the right time.

Kwon Soon, the managing director of LG India has also given out hints about a new Windows Phone device that the company has been working on. Kwon Soon said, “At home (South Korea), we are actually working on our Windows Phone 8 OS powered smartphone.” He also added “Microsoft is pumping efforts” in the Windows platform, as a result of which, the platform will reach new heights in the near future.

Though, LG has started focusing on Windows Phone 8 and wants to explore new business opportunities related with it, the company will continue to concentrate on Android. Google’s mobile operating system has been on the top of the charts for a long time, and LG smartphones like the Optimus series are already holding a decent position in the market. “Android is the major platform globally, given its acceptance and penetration,” he added.

As, Nokia who has an exclusive partnership with Microsoft is already dominating the Windows Phone 8 platform. In fact, Manufacturers have started ignoring Windows Phone due to excessive licensing fees and monopoly of Nokia. In such situation, LG may have good opportunities now, but there would be a stiff competition.


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