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Instagram for iOS adds landscape mode, Cinema support for front-facing camera


The Instagram App for iOS has been updated once again. This new update brings some important features allowing consumers to make full use of the camera on their iDevices, as well as improvements that will make life easier.

The new version of Instagram allows consumers to handle landscape orientation properly, while when taking photos and recording videos. This was a bug, rather than a feature that had not been taken care of in the previous version. Instagram was supposed to provide support for landscape video recording from the time when video support was added.

Consumers who have been using Instagram for quite some time must have already come across this problem. This problem was first noticed by Ken Young, who immediately pointed it out to Instagram. Soon enough, Facebook said that this is a bug and will be fixed soon.

Credit: iTunes

Another important feature added in this update is Cinema support for the front-facing camera. Cinema is the stabilization feature that aids you to use front camera in a much better way, and as the name suggests, it helps you capture better quality photos and videos. Cinema is one of the unique feature that differentiates Instagram from all the other video sharing apps out there.


Apart from these two main features, the Instagram update also comes with many other improvements and bug fixes. The best way to check them all out would be to try the app yourself. If you haven’t got the update yet, then head to the Apple app store and download the new version right away.

If you are an Android user, you will have to wait for some time before the update comes to your platform.

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