Amazon has officially announced a permanent discount of $30 on the 7-inch versions of Kindle Fire HD tablets. With this discount, the company has now re-priced Kindle Fire HD tablets, and these new prices are applicable right away.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets have now become more budget friendly as they help you save a handful amount of money. Starting from today, the 16GB version of Kindle Fire HD will be available for $169.99 and the 32GB version will be available for $199.99. But these prices are only applicable to the tablets that have the ‘special offer’ included, the one with ads and coupons.


Amazon’s price cut will also benefit consumers in UK and Europe as they will now be able to get the 16GB version of Kindle Fire HD for £139 in the UK and €169 in the rest of Europe.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets have been in the market for a significant amount of time and have developed a wide consumer base. The company did not really need to come up with ways to boost sales, as a result of which, this price cut comes in as a surprise. Amazon doesn’t seem to have any plans for unveiling its next generation of Kindle Fire HD tablets any time soon, and we haven’t even heard anything about this from the rumor mill.

Typically, the holiday season is a perfect time to launch new products. Therefore, Amazon might have plans to unveil new Kindle Fire HD tablets by Q3 this year and start offering them during the holiday season in Q4.


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