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Find “Treat Codes” for an opportunity to enter and win a PS5 – PlayStation

Keep your eyes peeled for 14 codes appearing around the globe.
We are excited to introduce Treat Codes – a contest that puts you and fellow gamers at the center of a globe-spanning code hunt.* 
Starting today, a series of 14 unique codes resembling PlayStation controller inputs will appear online, on social media channels, and in unexpected places around the world, such as high-profile events involving sports, gaming, film, and music. Each code you find will provide you with an opportunity to enter and win a PS5 console, which means finding every code will give you 14 opportunities to enter the contest.
The steps to enter are simple: find a code, input it correctly on the Treat Codes page on PlayStation.com after signing up, and compete to win by answering a question.** You’ll have until 10am PST on March 7 to find and input codes and answer the questions for an opportunity to enter and win a PS5 console. 
Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks, as not every code will be available at once. The more codes you find, the more opportunities you’ll have to enter and win! Hint: keep a lookout on creators’ channels that are streaming PlayStation titles sometime this week.
Check out the Treat Codes page for more details on how to take part, including Official Rules.*** Good luck!
*Participating territories: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico and United States, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, Poland, United Kingdom.
**Internet connection and online account for PlayStation Network required.
***No purchase necessary to enter or win. Open only to legal residents of participating territories (see list above). Must be over 18yrs and have reached the local age of majority where they reside. Void in all U.S. territories and possessions and overseas military installations, and where otherwise prohibited or restricted by law.

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thumbs down
Free PS5s gets a thumbs down. Cool. Makes sense.
☝️🖕Says the D.A. who doesn’t know which games are ps exclusive.
You won that title of not making sense when you went on your rants about multiplatform games being ps exclusive.
News Alert: they’re not. Why don’t you just research on the internet, instead of lying all the time? Hmm? You look and smell like crap.
Why not give urself that thumbs down?
Cyber – No, stupid
Cool i guess. But im a gamer. Why in the world would i watch sports.
Just silly. Can we get folders for our ps5 games please? You know. Something nice for those that have spent thousands. A little organization for your ps5 homescreen would be lovely.
Also. I would 100% rather PLAY the game then watch some knob play the game for me.
i didn’t spend thousands. lol
They announced the next update will allow you to stick specific titles to the Home screen, you know, if you play a specific handful only and always want them featured. That’s a start!
The PS3 had folders. The PS4 came out, and it didn’t get folders for about three years.
Given that track record, I expect we’ll see folders for the PS5 in 2024. Looking forward to it.
“Available around the globe”*
*But only in certain countries around the world… Myeah
Blame your country’s laws – they don’t skip where stuff like this is available because they don’t like your country, they do it because of whatever laws your country has that makes it too difficult or expensive to allow.
Instead of offering me the chance to “Win” a system, why not manufacture enough for me to buy a system outright, and invest your money into stopping the bots that bog down your site when folks are trying to purchase 🤬🤬🤬
This is such a cool idea. Maybe next time more countries could participate though
How about you just let people buy one instead of making us jump through a thousand hoops at the chance to win one? It must not be enough that your directs sell out instantly.
No doubt…
has any code been found yet?
PlayStation has been dying ever since you guys removed the PlayStation community option…
You know what it is turning off your console and loading into a game just to turn it off because of the boredom? 😐🥺
Bring it back!!! It made people come together more easily and faster !
Yes I agree, taking the coms was a big mistake as well as them miss handling the ps vita, it could have been no 1 hand held better than the shich, they need to listen more to there players, one day hopefully they will get it right. Lol ha.
It’s not dying for me, and I don’t even know what this community option you mention is.
Agree aswell. Bring discord atleast
Ok i honestly dont know how to find any codes besides watching streams apparently…..
yaa idk
there’s one probably the code in official video on twitter
It says it can be in music films games and sports it says about in the real world but I’m not sure
Available around the globe… Where’s Brazil?
“The steps to enter are simple” and “a series of 14 unique codes resembling PlayStation controller inputs will appear online, on social media channels, and in unexpected places around the world, such as high-profile events involving sports, gaming, film, and music.” are contradictory.
I’m try to find the first 2 codes in also
I’m terrible at these kind of things, but I also think this is a really cool idea in generally. And I fully support it.
How about maybe cracking down on these resellers running bots and buying up all the PS5s before normal people. I’d just buy one if I could get it at retail, but no, Sony would rather run these stupid contests instead of doing something about resellers.
Why dont you get off the internet and do something yourself? Its not sonys job to police humans being crappy to each other. Much like you being crappy to some poor social media manager hence me being crappy to you.
Take some accountability for the human race youre a part of. We all suck together.
And how exactly do you expect them to do that? They are asking them as fast as they can. They have no control over how retailers sell them or who it goes to. That’s like yelling at the girl behind the counter of McDonald’s cause they stopped selling the McRib. Maybe direct your anger at the retailers and their websites, the ones who can actually control that.
Pretty lame to put a bunch of fake codes in the announcement video.
The Problem is That They Haven’t Included India 🇮🇳 in participating territories
L2 O L2 O L2 O O
L2 0 L2 0 L2 left L1 right O O
L2 triangle R2 O L1 X left right R2 Square
Последний правильный, ответ на вопрос 1 000 000 часов
После правильный запятую пропустил 😉
its not working 🙁
Couldn’t they tell us where and when the codes be shown as in what sport events of what game trailer or which YouTube or Twitter channel?
Sorry. I put in of instead of or in the last comment.
I follow the link, and then get redirected to a Dutch version, logically, but even though as The Netherlands we’re in the list, that page just throws a 404.
This is the Stupidity of PlayStation by Far… This CONTEST is embarrassing there are so many People in the world without a PlayStation 5 console and they want us to watch ??? “Hint“ as they call it ….”Streaming Videos” Really honestly…. I Don’t wanna watch some dude playing a video game!!! They need to worry about Distributing PlayStation 5 Console’s to real customer’s that can’t even purchase this Console because there always out of stock! I own PlayStation 5 it’s just not right to tease customer’s into thinking you have to do this in order to get a PS5 I call B.S. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IamTylerdurden doesn’t care about the gamers who can’t get a ps5, as you can see from his reply to me, at the top.
As long as he has more than one.
Bit sellfish, I’d say.
You know, the gamers who have been trying desperately for over a year.
The parents trying to get one for their very ill child.
Será verdad? o pura mentira como la ves de los códigos de Conquista el trono
This is such a dumb way to handle the lack of availability for this console. It doesn’t even remotely address the real issue as to why people have such a hard time gaining a console. I find the initial idea of a worldwide code hunt fun, but ultimately not worth it.
Winning a free one is cool and all but the ability to buy something that was released a significant time ago would be far better, especially since now my brother can’t buy one since “my household already has one” Which is absolutely absurd just because one had been sent to our address it was and is on MY PSN.
All in all I’d rather pay ya’ll the full price for your product instead of all these goofy scavenger hunts the last two years that are really low chances of winning anyways.
Why isn’t this promotion available in Brazil? It should be.
Ubisoft. Don’t keep sitting on your hands.
Square Enix. Don’t keep sitting on your hands.
etc. etc.
I don’t get it.
I’m trying to enter codes to participate in the giveaway. When I click “enter code” button, a small window opens but it is grey, there is no buttons or anything. (Except the “provided my entertainment playstation” or something like that at the bottom of the window.) I tried every browser, on my phone, my laptop and even on my ps4 and nothing works!
Please, tell me how to fix this.
I turned off pop up blockers and still won’t work!
What kind of “plugin” is this giveaway using to enter the codes?
I mean widget. What kind of widget is this? Do I have to download something specific for it to work?
After contacting the PlayStation Support, they didn’t know what was the problem. So I found out by myself (by chance, or by mistake), that when I’m using the PS App, going to PS Blog and clicking on the article about the Treat Codes and clicking “enter code”, it does work ONLY if I stay on the app itself. I’m used to open every “external link/new window” via Safari on my iPhone, because it’s more practical for me for some reasons, but I guess in order for the “widget” to work, I have to stay on the app.
Now that I have entered all the codes I found and answered the questions, the widget appears on Google Chrome (on my laptop), but wouldn’t work the past three days!). Is it because I “accepted the rules” on the app or was it just a general problem from the website? (Like too many people logged in at the same time.)
I am comfused! But at least I know it works now.
Same problem but I still can’t log in, I didn’t understand your steps 🙁
You know… If you even want people to try to take part in this… At least let the dang thing load properly. Got a couple codes. Too bad can’t use them cause stupid terms and conditions won’t load so I’m locked out. Absolutely ridiculous how hard y’all are making things for people to get a ps5 hey.
-A mom trying to get her kids one of these blasted machines.
Heey, can I get one of those codes pretty pleease?! I have been trying for months to get one for my nephew!
I just got the email about this contest. Sony need to inform people before they start to release the code. I believe it has been least one week of code being release.
How about you just have a list of people who sign up for a ps5. Every time a restock happens, it goes to those at the top of the list. Then the next and next, and so on until everyone gets one? I don’t have time for scavenger hunts and I’m tired of not getting one every time there is a drop. Do something that makes sense and is fair. It’s not hard to do.
As Russia is included, does that mean Ukraine is too now, or do they have to wait for Kiev to fall first?
Absolutely ridiculous, I click on enter code and get a blank pop up. on pc, on tablets, on playstation app, so I guess I cant participate because Sony has no clue what they are doing, thank you so much Sony you’re awesome… guess i’ll just forgo the next gen altogether.
i have been looking for the past few days and have not found one yet if anyone has found one can u take a screenshot just so we can see what it looks like
I appeal to the leaders of PlayStation
On February 24, the Russian federation attacked Ukraine.
Civilian are suffering. Army of Russian federation destroys civilian objects, kills civilians.
The propaganda of the aggressor state turned out to be so strong that ordinary people in Russia still do not believe or refuse to believe what is happening.
Those Russians who are currently playing must feel the changes caused by direct aggression against Ukraine.
Therefore, I urge you to limit the access of Russian players to all online PlayStation services during the war against Ukraine
I hope so to winn is my dream for this year ,slvionut20@gmail.com
God loves you
Where the announcement of ps5treatcodes will be held?
When will be the winners announce
so was this real or nahhhh?
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