Apple is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its App Store this week and wants to give back a lot of love to its loyal fans and consumers. In order to thanks its loyal consumers, Apple is now offering a number of highly popular games and apps for free.

This was first spotted by The Verge, who has also contacted Apple for more information on the same. The free stuff includes popular games namely Ting Wings, Tiny Wings HD, Where’s My Water?, Infinity Blade 2, BadLand, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP as well as apps such as Traktor DJ for iPhone, Traktor DJ for iPad, How to Cook Everything, Barefoot World Atlas, Map My Ride+, Knots 3D, Day One and Over.


If you were to purchase all these games and apps on a regular day, it would cost you a total of around $70 to get them all. But thanks to Apple’s 5th anniversary celebration, you can bag all of them without spending a single penny. We don’t know when will these apps go back to their regular prices. We are also not sure whether only these apps are available for free or more to follow.

Another reason why the above list is so special is because none of these games and apps has ever been offered free of cost before. iOS Consumers have had to pay significant amounts to buy these apps, Traktor DJ for iPad alone cost $19.99 whereas Infinity Blade cost $6.99.

5 years ago, the Apple app store went live this week on July 10th. But it still hasn’t been confirmed whether the above offer is related to this occasion or not because none of the above listed apps have not any kind of change or explanation in their description. Apple has not given out any official information about the same, but we expect answers soon.

Update: The CEO of Touch Press told ABC News that the apps are available for the fifth anniversary promotion of App Store. He also confirmed that the apps will remain free all week.



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