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Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Passes Dogecoin ($DOGE) as No. 10 Cryptocurrency – Bloomberg

As the final two candidates compete in the final round of the French presidential election, Bloomberg TV brings the results live in a special show from Paris, New York and London, analyzing the implications for the global business and investment audience.
One of the longest-running news programs on the air, “Face the Nation” offers insight and analysis on the top issues of the day.
Restaurateur Mario Carbone shows us his path from teenaged line chef on Northern Blvd, Queens to NYC dining upstart to global culinary kingpin.
Lagarde Says Europe, U.S. Face ‘Different Beast’ With Inflation
Positive U.S. Real Yields Add to Toxic Emerging-Market Cocktail
Twitter Is Re-Examining Elon Musk’s Takeover Offer, WSJ Says
Macron Beats Le Pen to Win Second Term as French President
Upstart Slovene Party Set to Oust Nationalist Leader in Vote
BlackRock’s Rieder Counsels Patience as Stocks and Bonds Sag
Helicopters to East Hampton Cost 30% More After New Airport Rule
‘Bad Guys’ Bests ‘The Northman,’ Nick Cage At the Box Office
‘Unbeatable’ Fury Determined to Stick to Retirement Pledge
Can Brazil Find an Answer for Fake News?
Can Netflix Compete With the Real World?
Which Comes First: Inflation or Political Instability?
Everything You Need to Know About Netflix’s Big Miss
How WALL-E Predicted the Future
Alzheimer’s Trials Exclude Black Patients at ‘Astonishing’ Rate
Transgender MP Tells Young People Not to ‘Wait as Long as I’ve Waited’
LA Sees ‘Steep’ 56% Increase in Homeless Deaths During Pandemic
Social-Emotional Learning Is Next Classroom Target After Critical Race Theory
Emergency Declaration for Multiple Wildfires in New Mexico
Mark Carney Questions the Critics of Bankers’ Climate Record
Free Public Transit Is Not a Climate Policy
How Cities Became Accidental Wildlife Havens
California Slow to Sell Housing Bonds as Homelessness Worsens
Scaramucci’s Crypto Pivot Comes With an Eye on Tripling Assets
Binance Recovers Stolen, Disguised Crypto Loot From Mega Hack
U.S. Crypto-Mining Company Sells Gear Stuck in Russia to Avoid Sanction
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Silver Spring, Md. (AP) — Cryptocurrency has officially gone to the dogs.


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