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The book, describing the birth and the development of Ethereum – “The Infinite Machine” – will be broadcasted as a movie.
Ridley Scott – one of the greatest film directors of all time – will be the next celebrity to dive into the cryptocurrency universe by producing “The Infinite Machine,” a movie about the founding of the Ethereum network.
Camila Russo’s book “The Infinite Machine,” which tells about Vitalik Buterin’s idea to create Ethereum and the following development of the network, is set to become a full-length movie. What’s more interesting is the fact that the Hollywood icon – Ridley Scott – will be among the producers.
news is out!!
🎬🎬 The GOAT Ridley Scott and his production company Scott Free, the makers of
🔥 Gladiator
🔥 Alien
🔥 Blade Runner
🔥 House of Gucci
🏆 Nominated for 80 Academy Awards
🚀🚀 Will produce @ETHMovie The Infinite Machine movie!!!
— Camila Russo (@CamiRusso) April 21, 2022

Throughout his successful career, the British has directed Oscar-winning movies, including “Alien,” “Gladiator,” “The Martian,” and more.
“The Infinite Machine” will be directed by Shyam Madiraju, while Ridley Scott, Tom Moran, Vera Meyer, and Alejandro Miranda will be producers.
The cryptocurrency journalist – Camila Russo – who wrote the book, said the directing and producing crew of the movie could not be better:
“It’s incredibly exciting to have Ridley Scott and the crew at Scott Free produce the movie of “The Infinite Machine” alongside us. I can’t imagine a better team to turn the riveting story about the people behind the most revolutionary technology since the internet into a feature film that will capture the hearts of our generation.”
Another renowned Hollywood director who dipped his toes into the cryptocurrency sector is Quentin Tarantino.
At the beginning of 2022, he auctioned seven “secret” NFTs depicting fan-favorite moments from his movie “Pulp Fiction.” Additionally, each collectible featured a personalized audio commentary by Tarantino himself.
The public auction utilized Ethereum’s blockchain as participants could use ETH and ERC-20 compatible stablecoins to purchase the non-fungible tokens.
The director’s partner in the initiative was SCRT Labs. Speaking on the matter was the latter’s CEO – Guy Zyskind:
“Secret Network is proud to stand with Quentin. We are committed to working with talented artists across the globe by providing them a better way to release their works directly to fans without relying on older distribution models, which favor conglomerates over creators.”
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