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The Biggest Benefits of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
Direct routing is currently one of the most popular ways for companies to bring state-of-the-art communication tools and telephony into the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. But why is this solution so popular for modern brands?
Currently, Microsoft Teams stands as one of the fastest-growing Microsoft applications of all time, boasting more than 145 million daily active users worldwide, and a growing selection of features. A leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and one of the ultimate tools for the future of hybrid work, Teams has taken the world by storm. 
While Microsoft does offer its own calling plans for companies in search of telephony within Teams, these plans are often considered less than ideal for many businesses. To solve this problem, Microsoft introduced direct routing so companies could bring their existing communication providers into Teams. Now, around 70% of organisations using Teams for UCaaS, or planning to do so in the near future say they’ll be using direct routing.
So why is direct routing so popular?
The first and perhaps most obvious benefit of direct routing is you get the freedom to choose your own telephony provider. This means you can select the perfect company for your needs based on the specific goals you want to achieve with direct routing. For instance, you might focus specifically on companies who can help your brand embrace hybrid work. 
You’ll get to port your existing numbers into Teams easily, alongside any new DDIs you might need, which is great for brand continuity. You can even stick with the same provider you’ve used for a number of years. This is an excellent way to take advantage of any loyalty discounts you might have earned over the years, or maintain the service quality you’re used to.
While Microsoft’s business calling plans have their own selection of features to explore, they’re somewhat limited compared to what a dedicated communications company can offer. Converting Teams into a full PBX via direct routing will allow you to take advantage of high-quality calling SLAs, and extend your global presence to a wider range of countries.
You can leverage features like call transferring, auto-attendants, queues, location-based call routing, and a range of other tools. Some direct routing vendors are even offering ways to build contact centre capabilities into Teams too, so you can use the same environment for internal and external conversations. 
Most companies are under increasing pressure to make the rapid transition into the new age of work since the pandemic. Unfortunately, transitioning from an old-fashioned phone system into something which supports an evolving hybrid and remote team can be complex. Using Microsoft Teams direct routing can simplify the migration process, and reduce the number of new tools your team members need to learn how to use. 
You’ll be able to leverage support and guidance from a communication leader who already understands your business. Many direct routing providers can build bespoke strategies to help move you into the cloud at your own pace. You can even access hybrid SBC solutions which combine on-premises legacy equipment with cloud-based tools. 
Microsoft’s dedication to keeping the Teams platform as open as possible, and the extensive functionality of the PowerShell platform, opens the door for a significant amount of flexibility. Direct routing providers can create custom communication strategies for their customers, with built-in integrations to other tools and extensive security and privacy settings. 
Provided you choose a Microsoft Teams direct routing partner you can trust, the company can help you to quickly transform your Microsoft Teams landscape into a flexible cloud-based solution for communication, collaboration, and productivity. You’ll even be able to implement new features like 5G connectivity, bots, and other tools through APIs and custom coding.
For many companies, the main reason to leverage Microsoft Teams direct routing, rather than using a standard business telephony service from Microsoft, is better scalability. While Microsoft has an excellent presence around the world, the company’s communication tools are only available in certain countries. This makes it difficult to scale your business as you move into new countries, or hire employees from around the world. 
Not only does direct routing give you the scale you need, but it also means you can quickly and easily deploy the right communication tools to your team members regardless of where they are. This can improve your chances of thriving in a hybrid work environment. 
Whether you’re staying with the same business telephony vendor you’ve been working with for a number of years, or your transitioning to a new carrier, you can expect excellent support. Your Microsoft Teams direct routing provider will deliver things like SLA and uptime agreements to give you greater peace of mind when developing your communication strategy.
As an added benefit, if you use a certified SBC solution provider with Microsoft Teams, you’ll also be able to get additional support from Microsoft to help enhance your services too. Microsoft holds its partners to the highest standards, and provides additional guidance when vendors need it.
Finally, direct routing can be a more cost-effective solution or a lot of business leaders. Compared to Microsoft Calling Plans, where minutes are allocated per user per month, direct routing plans are available in a range of different pricing formats to suit your needs. 
With direct routing, you can shop around for the best provider capable of offering the functionality you need for the price that’s most suitable for you. Of course, the exact amount you pay for Microsoft Teams direct routing will depend on the provider you choose, and what kind of services you need. It’s worth taking some time to compare your options before you dive into a new contract. 
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