Previously, Samsung Galaxy S3 consumers reported problems with the device and in some cases it even went up in flames. However, a new incident took place in Switzerland and so far seems to be most dangerous where Galaxy S3 exploded, and the owner – a girl was injured.

The girl’s name is Fanny Schlatter who had the smartphone in the pocket of her jeans when it suddenly exploded, causing the young girl a third-degree burn. The reason of the explosion is not known yet, but the Swiss division of Samsung has already started working to find out what was happened. Probably, the device has been sent to the South Korea for further, more detailed investigations.

Samsung Galaxy S3 explodes
Swiss girl with exploaded Samsung Galaxy S3; Credit:

Commonly, the cause of the explosion for an electronic device is the use of non-genuine batteries. However, the eighteen year girl insists that she never changed the original battery, and was the same from the time of purchase of the phone. The photograph shows the status of the exploded Galaxy S3, which looks absolutely unrecognizable and charred.

Unfortunately, one cannot do much to prevent such an accidents. It should be noted that Samsung has already sold over 20 million Galaxy S3 units, and very few such problems have occurred, so fortunately this is not a common problem.