Today, Nokia has released HERE Drive/Drive+, HERE Maps and HERE Transit for all Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Nokia HERE Drive+ would no longer be an exclusive app for Lumia family, and could be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. However, to activate the turn-by-turn navigation in all countries, you must buy a license at a price between €15.49 and €34.99

Both HERE Drive and HERE Drive+ are in-car navigation apps that provide visual cues and voice prompts to reach a destination. Users can use the maps in offline mode, i.e. In the absence of the connection. The difference between the two apps resides in the type of license. HERE Drive is free but allows the use of a single regional map only (for example, Italy or Germany/Austria/Switzerland). The license is associated with the SIM card inserted in your smartphone. If the SIM is Italian, you cannot activate the map of Germany. To get the global navigation, you have to perform In-App upgrade or purchase the license of HERE Drive+ according to the following scheme:

Nokia HERE Drive+

As stated in the table, the United States is one of the lucky countries as the license costs only €15.59. Along with the availability for all Windows Phone 8 devices, Nokia has also announced the newer version of HERE Drive/Drive+ and HERE Transit.

The Nokia HERE Drive/Drive+ update improves browsing experience using the My Commute feature, which stores the daily driving habits and provides predictive tips based on traffic conditions in real time. Nokia HERE Transit update allows easier public transport navigation using Windows Phone interface and new panoramic view. It has become easier to plan routes, access previous destinations and find nearby transit stations, thanks to the new design.

All the three Nokia HERE apps will be made available for download to all Windows Phone 8 users by the end of this week.


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