The contract-free version of Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is now available in UK for £486. The Galaxy S4 Active is being offered by a number of retailers, and each of these retailers has set up a different price for the same.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is not new to the UK. Previously the device was only offered by carriers and consumers had to choose between a 12, 18 or 24 months contract. Now things have changed and a number of retailers have jumped in — to offer the Galaxy S4 Active without having to worry about any kind of contract.

Lets come to the point, the Galaxy S4 Active is being offered by Carphone Warehouse for £530 whereas Amazon UK has started taking pre-order for £586.07. Apart from these two main retailers, there are many others who are offering the same device for a much lesser price. Out of the many retailers out there, Clove is offering the best price of £486.

Most of these retailers are currently running out-of-stock and it will take some time to start shipping the devices. A good example would be Amazon UK who said that the pre-orders would be dispatched from the August 1st.

If you are looking for a good deal and want to save money, we suggest that you buy the Galaxy S4 Active from Clove. However, if you are not in a hurry and are ready to wait for a while, you might get better offers as the time passes by.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is the dust proof and water resistant variant of the standard Galaxy S4. It has a rigid exterior body and is a perfect smartphone for consumers looking out for a device that is smart as well as strong, really strong.