Android Developer website has released the official fragmentation of the Google mobile operating system. Turning out the numbers, Jelly Bean has reached at 37.9% (+4.9% compared to the 30 days ago statistics, sharing 32.3% and 5.6% between 4.1.x and 4.2.x, where the 4.2.x is only being distributed to some high-end smartphones like the HTC One). Gingerbread does mark a significant decrease, sliding to 34.1% (-2.4%) and thus leaving the top step of the podium for the Jelly Bean.

android jelly bean tops fragmentation

It should be noted that the package has been released in recent years exclusively for a few tablets to unify interface and user experience between devices with different screen sizes. The graph shows the numbers recorded at the beginning of July.

Jelly Bean’s predecessor Ice Cream Sandwich drops to 23.3% (-2.3%). Froyo follows it with 3.1% (-0.01%) and Eclair at 1.4% (-0.1%) while Honeycomb remains paltry pegged at 0.1%. Donut resists stoically at the bottom of the standings with 0.1%. The numbers were obtained by analyzing the version of the operating systems running on all the devices that have accessed the Google Play store over a period equal to 14 days ended on Monday, July 8.

thus, the statistics bodes well for the future of the platform. Despite cases like HTC One S, manufacturers seem to slowly become acquainted with the development and release of the updated package to the latest version, just as wanted by Google and of course by the users themselves.

Apparently, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean seems to be the last firmware update to the OS. Android 5 Key Lime Pie is expected to be the next major version of the operating system that would arrive sometime in 2014.