With the advent of Chrome 28 for Windows and Mac that comes with a new rendering engine called “Blink”, Google has rolled out an update to Android version of the browser. Unlike desktop version, mobile version of the browser also brings various changes with regard to the navigation and wider touchscreen displays.

Chrome for Android brings the new full screen mode on the tablet that has been already seen in the previous releases of the software for smartphones. This allows to exploit the entire area of the display, especially useful for devices with 7-inch display.


Chrome for Android now comes with built-in Google Translator support — a bar that automatically appear at the bottom of your screen asking if you wish to translate the page that are written in a language different from phone or tablet language. Moreover, it offers UI optimization for those who are using the app in a right-to-left language or reads from right-to-left.

Here’s the changelog

  • Fullscreen on tablets – Scroll to hide the toolbar.
  • Google Translate – Look for translation bar when reading web pages in other languages.
  • New user interface for right-to-left (RTL) languages, including Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew.

Some of these changes have already been appeared in the beta channel in May. As always, those who have already installed Chrome for Android on their device will receive the update as soon as it is available. Others can find it on the Google Play, free of cost of course.