Instagram has added a new and interesting feature to its already existing long list of features. Instagram users can now embed photos and videos onto a webpage without using any kind of third-party service.

Embedding photos and videos onto a webpage is easy to understand and simple to use. Whenever you want to post an image or video from Instagram to your blog or website, you simply have to hit the share button that appears on the right side of the image or video. Once its done, you will get an embed code similar to the one you get for YouTube videos. Now copy and paste this code on the page you want and there you have it. Images and Videos posted using the above method will have Instagram branding, the creator’s username and the number of Likes and comments it has received.


In order to ensure that there is no violation of privacy, users are only allowed to embed those images and videos that have been marked as public.


“As always, you own your photos and videos, and we want to make sure that’s understood no matter where your content appears,” Instagram said.

“Whether you want to embed your video on your blog or a friend wants to feature your photo on a website, everyone will clearly see that your content belongs to you. Your embedded photo or video appears with your Instagram username, and clicking on the Instagram logo will take people to your page on where they can discover more of your photos and videos,” it added.

The default size of the images has been set to 640 x 640 pixels. We are not sure if and when Instagram will allow users to change this resolution, but people familiar with HTML should have no problem with it.

This new feature will make your life a lot easier; but you might have to wait for some more time before being able to use it. Some users will be able to access this feature right away, while others may have to wait. Instagram is rolling out this new feature gradually, and it will soon be available to all its users.

Instagram has been continuously adding new features to its service, which makes it more easy and comfortable to use. Apart from simply trying to add new features, Instagram is also trying to eliminate its users’ dependability on third party apps and services to use the service to the fullest.