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PC market declining, Chromebook shows positive impact


The PC market has seen a steady decline in recent years, mainly due to increasing dissemination of touch devices such as tablets or hybrid solutions like ASUS Transformer or Microsoft Surface. Bucking this trend, Chromebook has gained an unexpected success as the fastest growing part of PC industry, while Dell and other PC makers have undergone a serious decline. According to IDC, the market for personal computers has seen a fall by 4% in 2012 and forecasts yet another steep fall 7.8% this year.

The numbers released by NPD Group are clear: Last year, one in five Americans who bought a notebook for less than $300 chose devices equipped with Chrome OS. The percentage has grown from 20% to 25% in just eight months, demonstrating the goodness of a forward looking vision on the part of Google and other manufactures who have chosen to invest in the project including Samsung, Acer, HP and Lenovo. Still, much of the credit has to be given to the Google which is constantly engaged in releasing updates for the operating system which relies mainly on the use of cloud technologies.

Google hasn’t commented on sales figure of Chromebook, but Caesar Sengupta, head of product development for Chromebooks said

“We’re seeing tremendous growth, without a doubt — massive, massive growth”.

Google is not just only aiming cheaper chromebooks but also focusing on bigger and more expensive Chromebook alternatives. The company introduced Chromebook Pixel in February 2013 that speaks something different in terms of both feature and price. The Chromebook Pixel sports an Intel Core i5 1.8GHz dual core processor with 4 GB of RAM, 12.85-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 2560×1700 pixels and 32 GB of internal storage, all for $1449.

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