According to a report from PhoneArena, Verizon will start offering the flagship devices of HTC and Motorola from the next month. PhoneArena has got a leaked Verizon’s roadmap document that gives away information about new smartphones that the carrier will soon be offering. The document reads, Verizon will start offering the HTC One from August 1st and the Moto X Phone from August 23rd. Both of these smartphones would be offered with Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

It’s good to know that Verizon will finally start offering the HTC One, a smartphone that has been in the market for such a long time. The HTC One is currently being offered by every other major carrier, but for some reason Verizon couldn’t manage to do the same until now. As a result of this delay, a number of consumers might have turned away from the carrier or opted other flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 instead.

Now the surprise is here that Verizon will also be offering the Moto X Phone, a smartphone that is expected to give you completely new user experience. Although the Moto X Phone will not be available in the market before October, said Dennis Woodside, the CEO of Motorola, at the AllThingsD conference this year.

Taking this important timeline into consideration and the roadmap document found by PhoneArena that might not have given the complete details about the Moto X Phone, we suspect that Verizon will start taking pre-order for the Moto X Phone from August, but will start shipping the handsets in October.


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