Twitter has updated its Vine app for Android platform, bringing it on equal ground with the iOS version. Earlier this month, the Vine for iOS received an update that fixed bugs and added new tools; the same has now been done on the Android platform.

The updated version of Vine for Android now offers features like revining, channels, and an improved camera user interface that was earlier only available in the iOS version. The new update also brings to you useful camera tools called focus, grid and ghost that helps you capture better video clips. You can also mute videos with a ‘mute button’ so that you don’t have to listen to the videos that you are watching.

The most interesting feature added in this update is the “Capture Widget” that can be placed on the home screen. Using this widget, Android users will be able to instantly jump to record mode, allowing them a much faster access to one of the most important features of Vine – video recording.


As of now, the Capture Widget is exclusive to Android due to lack of widget functionality in iOS. Users interested in checking out these new features should go ahead and download the update from Play Store right away.