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Moto X spotted in hands of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt


Google Chairman Eric Schmidt was spotted using a Moto X smartphone. He used the Moto X to make a phone call on the July 10th, at the 31st Annual Allen & Co. Media Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Google and Motorola have already confirmed the existence of the Moto X, and now consumers are eagerly waiting for these two partners to unveil the smartphone. It was believed that the Moto X was not ready yet, and that’s the reason why the company took it off the agenda for the event on July 10-11. However, it really doesn’t seem to be the reason as we now know that the Moto X is not just ready, but is already being used to make phone calls, snap photos and so forth.

These high-res photos confirm that Mr. Schmidt was holding the white colored Moto X smartphone, which looks identical to the black colored Moto X image leaked in the past. Both these devices have the exact same position for the camera, flash and speaker but have different patterns on the back.

As per numerous rumors, it is being said that buyers would be able to customize the appearance of Moto X with different colors. If you place an order and buy the smartphone through the official website, you will also be able to engrave a name or message on the back cover as well as select a personal photo to be used as a wallpaper. However if you wish to buy the phone from a retail store, you will just get a standard version.


Recently, a report from PhoneArena said that Verizon Wireless will start offering the Motorola X Phone from August 23rd. If this holds true, then we expect Motorola to unveil the Moto X smartphone by the end of this month or at the most in the first half of August.

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