Photoshop Touch is now available for phones! Finally, one of the most popular design software has made it to the smartphone platform which in turn has increased the scope in which this software will can now be used. A tablet version of Photoshop Touch was launched some time ago, and this time it has been launched for phones.

If you are a designer or simply love Photoshop, then head over to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and grab a copy of Photoshop Touch for your smartphones for a price of US $4.99. In addition, if you have been using the tablet version of this application, it will be very easy and convenient for you to get started on the smartphone version. The smartphone version of Photoshop Touch have almost identical set of features compared to the tablet version but has been carefully designed for the smaller screens of smartphones. So even if you do not carry your tablet with you whenever you are out on the go, you can still make use of your creativity on your phone.

As mentioned earlier, Photoshop Touch for phones is very identical to the one available for tablets. Photoshop Touch on the phone has core Photoshop features like layers, advanced selections tools, adjustments and filters. It also includes features that are exclusive to Photoshop Touch, like Scribble Selection for high-precision selections using only your finger, and Camera Fill for real-time creative blending of your camera feed with layers. This app also features the same creative filters that are available on the tablet version, like Color Drops and Acrylic Paint, and also a new Ripple filter.

The best part of this equation is that, with the help of Photoshop Touch and the Adobe Creative Cloud, you can get started with a project anywhere you want and on any device you want. Later you can continue your work on your tablet or your desktop PC and vice versa. This flexibility will allow you to create your own work environment and seamlessly use every smart device you have.

Remember that Photoshop Touch will keep all your projects in sync on each of your devices that too with full resolution and layers intact. To avail this feature you need to have a Creative Cloud account which is free of cost and there is no paid subscription required for syncing.