An Apple iPhone 5 handset has electrocuted a Chinese woman to death. The woman was using the device while it was charging, and the device gave her an electric shock.

Sad but true, technology has taken yet another life, and this time, it was a 23-year old Chinese woman named Ma Ailun. In the past, you must have heard about exploding smartphone batteries, but now it seems that the smartphone itself was responsible for the tragic event.

Ma’s older sister gave out the details of the incident, and also shared on China’s popular social network website named Sina Weibo. At the website, she demanded an explanation from Apple and requested people not to use their smartphones while they are being charged. On the other hand, Apple has already taken a note of this incident, issuing a statement expressing condolences to Ma’s family and promised to thoroughly investigate the incident. Apple has agreed to co-operate with the authorities and get to the bottom of this case.

A report from China Daily said that the local police have confirmed that Ma died due to the electric shock, but it’s still not clear whether the iPhone had something to do with it. We can’t deny the fact that the smartphone might have something to do with this event, but there can be many other reasons as well.

It is possible that the electricity connection at Ma’ house were not correctly laid, it is also possible that she was using grey market hardware or a tampered iPhone.

The case is still open, and the press and media are still waiting for Apple’s comments.