Microsoft has officially announced price cuts for its Surface RT series of tablets. The company is now offering Surface RT tablets for $150 less than their original prices. This is a permanent discount from Microsoft and the deal is already available in stores around you.

Microsoft Store, Staples and Best Buy are all offering the 32GB version of Microsoft Surface RT, without a keyboard for a refreshed price of $349, and the 64GB version is up for grabs at $449. If you compare these deals with the ones before, on purchasing a Surface RT tablet, Microsoft would offer a free Touch or Type cover as a part of the deal. These covers would usually set you back by $119 or $129, but consumers were able to save this money.

If you compare this to the new offer that’s in effect from July, you can still buy the Touch or Type cover and get away with $20 at the least. Also, if you don’t actually want that accessory, you have the option of not buying it and save $150 flat.

Apart from this standard offer for consumers, Microsoft has another cool offer going on for students. The ones who qualify for this offer will be able to buy the 32GB version of Surface RT for just $199. Additionally, you can also buy the Touch cover for $50 and Type Cover for $90. Interested students should note that this offer is valid until the August 31st.


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