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Moto X to have an ‘Always On’ voice command, leaked video confirms


Moto X is expected to be a smartphone full of new features and surprises, and one such feature is the “Always On” voice command that allows to interact with the device anytime without touching the device.

A newly leaked video confirmed that consumers could simply talk to the Moto X smartphone and get what they want. Consumers would be able to initiate commands, make phone calls, search for a particular keyword on the web, all without even picking up the device. There is no need to press any buttons or activate your assistant, like you do in the iPhone 5 and there is no blinking light that just changes colors to indicate that you have matters that need attention.

Here is an official video demo by Canadian wireless carrier Rogers that shows the Moto X in action and demonstrates consumers about how the new feature can be used.

“Your Moto X is ready to listen and respond. Talk to it and it learns your voice. With the power of Google Now, it tells you what you need to know even when you’re not touching the screen,” says the message in the video.

The video also shows another innovative feature called “Active Updates” that notifies consumers about important information automatically and instantly instead of a blinking light. Many consumers might not be comfortable with this new feature and still prefer the old ways, but eventually consumers might start preferring these smarter ways of communication as it’s about getting used to these features and trying them out.

The Moto X is all about user experience, no over-hyped hardware, and no giant battery. The smartphone is set for release in the month of August, and it is being said that Google will be spending up to $500 million to market this new flagship device across the globe.

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