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Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is now official, releasing on September 19


Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is now official and on the way! Smartphones consumers, gamers and Angry Birds fans can now save a few dollars for the upcoming new version of Angry Birds! Rovio has officially announced that the next game in the Angry Birds series is coming to App Stores around the world on September 19.

In a press release, Rovio has detailed its upcoming new game that includes its name, story, plot and release date. After the success of Angry Birds Star Wars, the mobile game publisher has its eyes set on the sequel – Angry Birds Star Wars 2.

This new game will feature characters and settings from the Star Wars prequel movie trilogy. Rovio also rolled out a trailer for the game, which suggests that players for the first time ever, will be allowed to select the team to want to play as. You can either pick the good side consisting of “Angry Birds” or you can choose to support the dark side pigs.

“At this point we will not comment on rumors or speculation that Jar Jar Binks will be in the game,” said Rovio. In addition to tons of levels, power ups and bonuses, the game will also have support for TELEPODS, which is a new collect-able series of figures from Hasbro. Rovio said, “Placing these figures onto your phone or tablet camera will scan your character of choice directly into the game, allowing you to select new characters on the fly.”


Similar to the original Angry Birds Star Wars, this new game is expected to be released “across app stores worldwide.” Hence consumers will be able to download the game on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 as well as Window 8 at the same time, but there will be price differences.

Rovio also said consumers who have bought the original Angry Birds Star Wars, will soon be able to download a new set of levels that are based on Return of the Jedi.

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