A recently leaked confidential Blackberry document has revealed the specs for the Blackberry A10. The document details specs as well as a first look at the Blackberry A10.

Since some time now, the rumor mill has been talking about the upcoming flagship device of Blackberry, the Blackberry A10 codenamed Aristo — it was actually intended for the year 2012.


If all be true as mentioned by the document, then Blackberry fans and consumers are in for a big disappointment. Those who believed that Blackberry will finally unveil a smartphone with a 5-inch full HD display, quad-core processor and 13MP camera might have to start looking out for other options.

The Blackberry A10 does have a 5-inch display, but it has a 720p display instead of the 1080p full HD resolution and still runs on a dual-core processor. The 720p display indicates that the screen will have a pixel density of 296ppi, which is nowhere near to the 441ppi offered by the Galaxy S4 and the 469ppi offered by the HTC One. Moreover, the Blackberry A10 will still have an 8MP primary camera, which is once again inferior to the 13MP cameras offered by other high-end smartphones. Other important features include a 2MP front camera and a 2800mAh battery that’s actually better than the battery offered by most of the 5-inch flagships.

It’s possible that Blackberry is focusing on great user experience instead of a beefed up hardware configuration, similar to what Motorola has plans to do. The Blackberry A10 has been scheduled for release in November this year, becoming the second next-gen flagship device to be launched by the company.