Google has once again changed the overall look and feel of the Play store website. Starting from now, the Play store website will be a lot like the Play store app. Google believes that this new design and approach will make it easier for consumers to find new apps and games.

The store website now has a new design, and many consumers visiting the store site might have a hard time trying to figure out what’s going on. Earlier, the Play store actually looked like a dedicated website, allowing consumers a number of different activities to choose from. But now, Play store looks more like a newly added tab to the basic options offered by Google’s home page.

You will no longer feel that you are moving from Google homepage to a different website, instead it is just like switching from Web search to Image search or Video search seamlessly. You can check out the new design in the screenshot here.


Change is important, but it’s not always necessary. This seems to be the case with Google, who has been consistently changing the Play store design. As a result of such frequent changes, consumers have to learn and get used to these designs every now and then. Compare this to the Apple App Store and you’ll see the difference.

A good thing is that Google has finally added the “Wishlist” feature that was available earlier in the store app only, but it is still not perfect. You can easily add items to your wishlist, but can’t remove them. Additionally, the only way you can access your wishlist is using the link provided on the main page of Play Store. All in all, the redesign gives a more streamlined look, and it’d be much appreciated.