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Apple iPhone SE to Release by Q1 of 2022 Says Leak, iPhone 14 Most Likely to Be in Q3 – Tech Times

Apple iPhone SE 3 to Feature XR Design and be the Last LCD Smartphone | Rumors Point Towards Touch ID as Well
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iPhone SE 2020
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Apple has been speculated a new leak that focuses on the latest release of the iPhone SE that was said to be coming in the first quarter of 2022, something that is different from its regular timeline of the iPhone. However, this is almost the same for Apple’s last releases of the SE, known for its cheaper and smaller build for those that prefer a handy device. 
A report from Taiwanese media, TrendForce, has detailed the plans of Apple for its latest release of the smartphone that is not a part of its regular lineup, the iPhone SE. This will be the third generation SE, focusing on its small interface and handy device for people to enjoy and focus on as the world goes for larger devices. 
TrendForce says that the iPhone SE will have 25 to 30 million production units once it releases, and the expected timeline of the smartphone will be in March. It was regarded that Ming-Chi Kuo, a known Apple analyst, has also speculated on the SE 2022, focusing on its internal components that would bring the A15 bionic processor, as well as 5G. 
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People should expect both less and a lot from the latest release of the Apple iPhone SE, particularly because it focuses on bringing a small 5G device, but still the old processor of the iPhone 13 to the competition. The release of the SE would focus on old designs with better performance, but not quite the iPhone 12 mini.
Apple has created the iPhone SE based on the demand of people for a smaller iPhone, focusing on simple designs and an improved chip that features the latest one from recent releases of the lineup. More often than not, the iPhone SE does not go alongside the release of the iPhone’s regular lineup that is revealed every third quarter of the year. 
The iPhone SE is always released during the first half of the year, particularly with the iPhone SE 2020 that has released last March, right during the height of the pandemic. It may be so that the iPhone SE 2022 will sport the iPhone 8 design, but would feature the iPhone 13 or 14 performance, along with its chip and 5G capabilities soon.
Nevertheless, the iPhone SE is a niche device, targetting those who prefer a smaller smart device that fits at the palm of their hands, not focusing on the regular lineup of iPhones that are large to the touch. Apple to release the SE once every two years is a treat for people, instead of having it at a yearly update like its regular lineup, bringing the right time to swap devices for those that previously bought it. 
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