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Three Crucial Questions About Apple’s New MacBook Air – Forbes

With Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference set to take place in early June, many are hoping to hear news of the new MacBook Air for 2022. While the MacBook Air debuted the new ARM-based Apple Silicon in 2020, the Mac platform has made significant steps forward. What will be carried over to a New MacBook Air, when will we see it, and what will power the new macOS laptop?
These are questions Apple fans hope to hear answers to in the near future.
Recanati, Macerata, Italia – June 11, 2020: Brand new rose gold macbook air (2020) on a wooden table … [+] with the Apple logo highlighted in black, close up.
The first M1 MacBook Air laptops retained the styling and weak design choices of the Intel-based MacBooks… a design that harkened back to 2016. The premium 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops broke that mould, bringing larger screens, more ports, and a more annual shape to the family.
Key in those design choices are the I/O port options. The premium macOS laptops picked up a wide range of ports, including an SD Card reader and an HDMI port. Will Apple restrict these to the more expensive laptops, or will these useful features be available on the consumer-focused MacBook Air? After all, not every amateur photographer or video editor needs to spend $3,000 on a top tier machine, the power of Apple Silicon should suffice even at the $1000 level.
If the new MacBook Air is to be for everybody, Apple should not artificially restrict the specs just to generate an upsell to the MacBook Pro.
Secondly is the question of the chipset. Obviously, it’s going to be an Apple Silicon chip, and just as obviously it’s not going to be the same M1 processor. But what will it be? The easy answer is that the MacBook Air in 2022 will have the same honor as the MacBook Air in 2020 and be one of the launch devices of the M2 chipset.
Apple doesn’t just have the M1. Since its launch, there have been several variants, with the M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra showing up. Just because there’s a new MacBook Air on the way, does not necessarily mean the M2 will join it. But if not on the MacBook Air, when would you launch the M2 chipset?
Finally is the question of the announcement and the release. WWDC is being pitched as the answer by many of the geekerati, but so was Apple’s March event. Others are looking at the synchronised launch cycles of iOS, the new iPhone and the latest Axx chip. Surely Tim Cook’s Apple will be looking to set up a similar cycle with the Mac? In which case the regular late October / early November event will become “the MacBook Air event” starting this year?
Could Apple announce the M2 alongside the next version of macOS at WWDC and hold back the hardware that will use the M2 until later in the year? Given the patterns seen with the iPhone, that’s a very strong possibility.
Hamburg, Germany, December 12 2016: Apple store in Hamburg, Germany, with people passing by in front … [+] of it. Apple Inc is an American technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California.
Will Apple choose to limit the MacBook Air ports? Will It launch with the M2? And when will the new macOS laptop for 2022 arrive? Here’s hoping WWDC will answer these questions.
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