A few days after the release of Chrome 28 for desktops and Android devices, the Mountain View-based Google Inc. has also updated Chrome for iOS devices. Today, Google has announced on its official blog that Chrome 28 for iOS is available for download on Apple App Store. Chrome 28 for iOS comes with various improvements in terms of both stability and interface of the browser.

The newer version is identified with the build 28.0.1500.12. Chrome 28 for iOS includes the ability to open links that point to Google services and platforms in their respective apps (eg. Maps, YouTube, Drive) rather than within the browser itself. Additionally, the search giant also claims to introduce support for other third party app soon. The latest version of Chrome for iOS comes with improvements to the voice search and support for full screen mode on iPad.


Chrome 28 for iOS features a new data compression service that reduces data usage by 50% and speed page load time on cellular networks. You can enable it through Settings > Bandwidth Management > Reduce data usage and toggle the option.

What’s new inside?

  • Interoperability with other Google Apps. Option to open links for YouTube, Maps, G+ and Drive in the app instead of the browser.
  • Enhancements to voice search. Text-to-speech for all variations of English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, and Korean. Toolbar controls are always available when using voice search.
  • Fullscreen on iPad.
  • Data cost savings: Reduce data usage and speed up page load times. View data savings in Bandwidth Management settings. This feature is being rolled out and will be available to all users over time.
  • Access to browser history.
  • Stability / security improvements and bug fixes.

After introducing the new Google Maps 2.0 with new user interface, Google continues its commitment to iOS ecosystem by providing latest version of Chrome for iOS which in fact constitutes as the main competitor to the Google’s Android ecosystem.