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Latest Tesla Model 3/Y updates arrive in Europe – Drive Tesla Canada

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai has introduced a number of new features to the Model 3 and Model Y production lines since about December 2021.
A few months later and cars exported from China to Europe are now being delivered to owners with the some of the new features.
According to pictures from Germany shared on social media, both Model 3 and Model Y now include the AMD Ryzen processor and 12v Li-Ion battery.
They also include a feature that has not yet made its way to Fremont, double pane glass for the rear windows. (h/t: @tesla_adri)

There was no information on whether these cars were also equipped with the hardware for Heated Wiper Park (Windshield Wiper Defrost).
Despite the Model Y owner’s manual recently being updated to include a parcel shelf and cargo hooks, neither have been reported yet.
Tesla adds cargo hooks to rear trunk of made-in-China Model Y, Parcel Shelf added to owner’s manual

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