Earlier this month Twitter has released a new version of Twitter for Android and iOS. The major changes include the synchronization of direct messages, but the San Francisco Company didn’t mention a new feature that might annoy some users. By default, the mobile app blocks the display of multimedia files with sensitive content, violence or medical procedures. However, it seems that the filter is not working very well.

A spokesman for Twitter has confirmed to AllThingsD that the “censorship” has been activated with version 5.8 and 4.1.2 for Android and iOS respectively. The company has justified their choice, claiming that not all the 200 million people who use the service want to see images at red lights.


When you receive a tweet that contains sensitive content, violence or medical procedures, Twitter displays a warning about the type of content and offers two choices: “View” or “Always show me sensitive media.” It is the responsibility of the sender to activate “Report my media as potentially sensitive” in the account settings. However, recipient may report an inappropriate content.

Twitter has not provided any information on the filtering operation such as scanning of words or image metadata. However, the system needs a tune up as some innocent tweets are often blocked. Meanwhile, the company has released a new version of the app for Android. Twitter 4.1.3 allows you to reply directly from a tweet’s details page and sharing tweets through direct messages. Where, Twitter 5.8.1 for iOS includes bug fixes only.

You can download latest version of Twitter for iOS and Android from the App Store and Google Play respectively.