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Thanks to modern technology, we all have access to so many movies and TV shows without cluttered shelves and stuffed entertainment centers. And thanks to all those pocket computers we carry around (and sometimes use to talk to other humans), we can bust out any episode of Friends or The Golden Girls anywhere at any time. But these modern conveniences ain’t always so convenient. To slip into a Seinfeld routine, “What’s the deal with all these passwords?”
We no longer have to memorize the phone numbers of every person we want to get in touch with, but we do have to memorize passwords–and those are infinitely harder to get down! Not only do they vary in length and capitalization, they also toss letters and characters into the mix! How can you keep it all straight?! The complication of remembering a password has no doubt put up a wall in-between you and watching new episodes of Orange is the New Black or Difficult People. It’s a real buzzkill when the instant gratification of streaming gets delayed!
That’s why Netflix and Hulu have made it possible to get in even if you can’t remember which elaborate password you came up with one day months (years?) ago. On each site’s homepage, you’ll find a login button at the top right.
Okay, you’ll actually see “sign in” on Netflix and “log in” on Hulu. Whatever, they mean the same thing! Clicking on those buttons will take you to the sign in/log in page–and, ugh, now the sites need information.
Email, password, access to your Facebook account! All you do is ask for things, Netflix/Hulu! Here’s where you enter in your info, that you’ve committed to memory. If you know all that info, enter it in and you are good to go! If not, then that’s what the “forgot your email/password” links are for. If that’s you, then click on’em!
Just enter in the email address associated with your Netflix and/or Hulu account and the service will instantly shoot you a message with a link inside to reset your password to something that you’ll remember forever (fingers crossed).
NOTE: It’s helpful to keep in mind Google’s tips for creating passwords, and a NOTE within a NOTE: Never click on a link that looks like it’s from Netflix or Hulu if you didn’t request a password reset! That could be a nefarious hacker looking for your personal information. Remain vigilant!
Back to the login process, if you actually don’t remember the email address associated with your account, you’re not out of luck. Hulu gives you a number to call (1-888-631-4858), and Netflix offers to send you a password reset prompt by either text message or phone call (that is, if Netflix has your phone number). And if you don’t remember the email or phone number associated with your Netflix account, there’s a link for that! Click it!
You can get into your account if you remember the credit or debit card number that you use to pay for Netflix every month. And even if that doesn’t work, Netflix has a phone number (1-866-579-7172) for you to call (it’s on the bottom left corner there, on the opposite side of the screen as Queen Elizabeth).
After you’ve done all that, you can finally get in on all that sweet Netflix or Hulu streaming action. Just don’t get so caught up in The Handmaid’s Tale or Ozark that you immediately forget the new password you came up with!
Watch Ozark on Netflix
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