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Windows 11 check full tech specsSource: Windows Central
Whether you have a laptop or desktop computer, determining the technical specifications of the hardware and software can be helpful. For instance, it can confirm whether the device meets the requirements to upgrade to a new version of Windows 11 or a specific application. If the computer becomes sluggish, the hardware specifications can help to find out whether a component needs an upgrade or whether you have to upgrade to a new computer. Or, if the device stops working, knowing the tech specs can be useful to troubleshoot the problem.
Regardless of the case, Windows 11 includes multiple methods to check your computer information (CPU, RAM, motherboard, video card, model and serial number, drivers, and Windows update and version), using Settings, System Information, PowerShell, and Command Prompt. However, the information available may be slightly different depending on the utility.
In this Windows 11 guide, we will walk you through the different ways to check your laptop or desktop computer’s complete hardware and software specifications.

If you are interested in the basic system specifications (such as processor, memory, and Windows installation details), you can use the “About” page.
To check the device’s basic hardware specs with the Settings app, use these steps:
Click the About page on the right side.
Open About settingsOpen About settingsSource: Windows Central
Under the Device specifications section, check the processor, system memory (RAM), architecture (32-bit or 64-bit), and pen and touch support.
Device SpecificationsDevice SpecificationsSource: Windows Central
Under the Windows specifications section, check the software specifications:
Windows SpecificationsWindows SpecificationsSource: Windows Central
(Optional) Click the Copy button to copy and share the details and save them for future reference or inventory.
Once you complete the steps, you will know the basic technical specifications for the computer.

The System Information app can give you a complete overview of the computer’s technical specifications on Windows 11.
To view all the hardware specs of the laptop or desktop computer, use these steps:
Select on System Summary.
System Information tech specsSystem Information tech specsSource: Windows Central
Click on Display to view the graphics card information.
Graphics specificationsGraphics specificationsSource: Windows Central
After you complete the steps, you will have a detailed overview of the device.
You can also use the app to create a computer hardware and software specifications report.
To create a report with the system specifications on Windows 11, use these steps:
Select the tech specs to export by selecting the category on the left navigation pane.
Quick tip: Selecting System Summary will export everything. However, if you only need to export the graphics card details, only select the Display item.
Click the Export option.
Export tech specs on Windows 11Export tech specs on Windows 11Source: Windows Central
After you complete the steps, the specifications will export into a text file, which you can then open with any text editor.

You can use PowerShell to determine the technical specifications of a laptop or desktop computer on Windows 11.
To check the computer tech specs on Windows 11 with PowerShell, use these steps:
Type the following command to determine the hardware specs and press Enter:
PowerShell full tech specsPowerShell full tech specsSource: Windows Central
(Optional) Type the following command to view only the details of a specific component and press Enter:
Get-ComputerInfo -Property "PROPERTY-NAME"
In the command, change PROPERTIES-NAME for the details to review. This example shows the firmware information:
Get-ComputerInfo -Property "bios*"
PowerShell component specsPowerShell component specsSource: Windows Central
Quick note: The asterisk * in the command is a wildcard to match every property that starts with the “BIOS” keyword.
Once you complete the steps, PowerShell will display a complete list of the hardware information from Windows 11 or the specific property you specified in the command.

Also, it’s possible to use Command Prompt to generate a viewing of the technical specifications with the System Information (systeminfo) tool.
To determine the computer specifications with Command Prompt on Windows 11, use these steps:
Type the following command to find the computer technical specifications and press Enter:
Systeminfo tech specs listSysteminfo tech specs listSource: Windows Central
Quick tip: Use the systeminfo /? command to list the available options of the tool.
(Optional) Type the following command to view only the details of a specific component and press Enter:
systeminfo | findstr /C:"ITEM-NAME"
In the command, change ITEM-NAME for the details to review as shown in the “Item” column of the System Information app. This example shows the total amount of memory:
systeminfo | findstr /C:"Total Physical Memory"
Systeminfo search tech specs on Windows 11Systeminfo search tech specs on Windows 11Source: Windows Central
Once you complete the steps, the hardware and software specifications will be shown in the output.
On Command Prompt and PowerShell, you can use these instructions to export the command console output to a text file.
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