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The official news today begin with both good and bad news for the Galaxy S22 Series and don’t worry, we got more content on them coming very soon. Starting off with the bad news, there’s several posts on Reddit where users are having issues with their S22 Ultra’s display showing a line of jumbled pixels that kind of looks like static on the bottom half of the panel. Apparently it doesn’t happen constantly, but so far all of the models with this issue have been Exynos variants, as if enough drama didn’t already happen. And it’s still early to tell if it’s an SoC problem but so far, no one with a Snapdragon has been able to replicate the issue. My unit has been fine so far but we’ll keep you posted on any updates from Sammy on the matter. Moving on to the good news, it looks like demand is going really well for the S22 Series to the point where they’re struggling to keep up with the delivery times. As at the moment there’s not a single model that can ship by the February 25th release date, with even the 1TB models being pushed to mid-April. Of course demand is great but, shortages also have to do with the matter so it’s not all great. Let us know if you guys got a Galaxy S22 and what your delivery time is.
Let’s keep talking Samsung and their MWC Event. Last week we got the invitation but, we had no idea on what the company could be announcing. Now we have some renders from GizNext and OnLeaks, showing off… Laptops. I know, it’s Mobile World Congress, but if you remember this time last year, we already had an update on the company’s Galaxy Chromebook and also their Galaxy Book series. By the looks of the renders these look to be the windows models. We get to see another take on the Red color variant we loved from the Galaxy Chromebook, showing off the 360 degree hinge and the keyboard. The display is reportedly a 15-inch panel and from these renders we can also see 3 USB-C ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a MicroSD slot so you’ll have to get a dongle for HDMI and other capabilities. There’s also no word on if we’re still getting the 13.3-inch variant we got last year but, I hope it still makes the cut. Finally, It’s expected to bring a 12-gen Intel Alder Lake Processor, and sadly nope, we’re not sure on if we’re getting an AMD Variant either. So yeah, let’s see what we get in the next few days.
Speaking of computers, let’s shift gears on to Apple and all the mess on the different Macs we’ve been covering over the past few weeks but, I think this report finally gives us some more clarity. As yes, Mark Gurman claims that Cupertino will release as many as 7 new Macs this year, with the first set coming at Apple’s March 8th Event. He mentions that since the 2020 MacBook Pro and the Mac mini are quote unquote “two of the oldest Apple Silicon Macs” in the line up, they’ll be the first ones to be refreshed. With the MacBook Pro packing an M2 chip, while the new Mac mini gets the M1 Pro treatment. Then Apple is expected to launch the new Mac Pro and iMac Pro around May or June, probably at WWD, and then after WWDC, Apple will finish the year with the revamped M2 MacBook Air as their holiday seller, and then a new M2 24-inch iMac and an M2 Mac mini. Gurman claims that Apple will not ship the M1 processor in a new Mac this year, and that they’ll be powered by new chips. On an interesting twist, one of the Pro Macs coming this summer will bring a “super-powered version” of the M1 Max chip, probably the iMac Pro. All of this sounds great, we’re just wondering if the Mac Pro is coming considering this year is supposed to end the Apple Silicon transition.
And finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk about Apple yet again but moving on to iPhones. We have a new report claiming that Foxconn has begun trial production of the iPhone 14 Pro, suggesting that Apple has now finalized the design and is moving into the early stages of manufacturing. Apparently Foxconn will manufacture the Pro models while Luxshare will handle the 2 lower-end models. It also notes that Foxconn will begin OEM trial production of the iPhone 14 Pro to make sure that it meets Apple standards which also serves as preparation for mass production. So, since the design is reportedly finalized, let’s go over the changes we’re expecting. For starters, the mini is reportedly gone due to the low sales in favor of a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max or Plus variant. We haven’t heard much of the regular variants design changes so we’ll assume they’ll just bring some slight changes over what we got with the 13 Series. When it comes to the Pro variants, we’re still expecting a flat design, with a triple camera array at the back, with earlier leaks hinting that the camera hump is gone and that the cameras will be flushed to the back. The volume rockers are round again, and while that’s nice, the biggest change here is the notch. Apparently we’re getting a pill and a punch hole next to each other in order to get all of the Face ID sensors crammed in there.
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