Chromebooks’s handy app launcher is now available for Windows and users can download and install Chrome App Launcher for free. As the name suggest its a button on the taskbar, allowing you to reach Google services in a few clicks.

With the app launcher, Google’s Chrome Web Store, Docs, Search, YouTube, Gmail, Drive, Chrome, Music and more are now accessible simply by moving the mouse pointer. You can also filter the services using a text box placed at the top of the window. When you select one of the services, the corresponding link will open in a new tab within the browser. Initially, Chrome App Launcher was built for Chrome OS, to promote the online tools and services provided by the Mountain View-based company and finally arrives to Windows operating system.


Here’s the list of features shown on the official website

  • Launch your apps from the desktop.
  • Sign into all apps that use Google identity.
  • Sync your apps, bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings across devices.

Chrome App Launcher will not radically change the habits of the user but will further simplify access to online services provided by Google. Obviously, it is necessary to identify your account to perform operations such as synchronization or access to their documents stored on the cloud platform, which is done automatically for those who is using Chrome as their primary browser. Google has also confirmed that it is working on the OS X and Linux version of launcher, however, the company hasn’t revealed the availability on these platforms.