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Apple Loop: Stunning iPhone Decision Leaks, Faster Macs Promised, Apple Confirms iPhone Problems – Forbes

Taking a look back at another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes an iPhone design shock, iPhone 13 problems confirmed, faster Macs for 2022, latest Apple VR leaks, a record-breaking market cap, amazing AirPods sales, and Apple’s audio challenge.
Apple Loop is here to remind you of a few of the very many discussions that have happened around Apple over the last seven days (and you can read my weekly digest of Android news here on Forbes).
When Your iPhone Has Problems Being A Phone
Apple has confirmed a previously reported issue with the iPhone 13 phone app. Unlike previous iPhones, the iPhone 13 family does not yet have ‘phone noise cancellation’ active as a choice. Following contact with Apple’ Apple Forum members on the popular Reddit channel reported the issue has been noted as is being worked on. There’s no timescale for a fix to be addressed:
“Apple support confirmed that Apple engineers are working on it. Though, they couldn’t tell yet whether it’s a software or a hardware issue,” the poster continued. “Currently no ETA.” Others replying to the post also confirmed that Apple Support is acknowledging the issue to them. 
OMOTESANDO, TOKYO, JAPAN – 2021/09/27: iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro smartphones seen … [+] displayed inside an Apple Store in Omotesando, Tokyo. (Photo by Stanislav Kogiku/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
The iPhone SE, Same As It Ever Was
Apple is due to launch the third generation of iPhone SE this year, and many have been expecting to see the diminutive iPhone move over to the iPhone X design language. Alas, the latest reports are the 2022 model will retain the current design that was introduced with the iPhone 6 in 2014. On the other hand this is known design. and adding the leaked 5G and the latest Axx processor may be easier in the current supply constrained environment:
“The iPhone SE with a similar design to the XR/11 with a slightly smaller screen size, has been pushed back to an expected release of 2024. For 2022, Apple will instead release an iPhone SE with 5G, a spec bump, and the same design as the 2020 model.”
A Faster Mac For 2022
Unsurprisingly, Apple is set to speed up the Apple Silicon inside the Mac range as they move from the existing M1 family to the presumptively named M2. Given the jump in benchmarking from the Intel-based Macs to the ARM-based Macs, can we expect a similar jump from the M1 to the M2? Perhaps not:
“[Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman] is expecting Apple to refresh the MacBook Air lineup with new chips and a redesign sometime in 2022. New information from the newsletter, though, is that the predicted M2 chip will be only “Marginally faster” than the M1. Specifically, he expects the M2 to have up to a 10-core GPU. He isn’t clear if there will be any more improvements as it pertains to speed or CPU cores, but previous rumors haven’t addressed this either.”
(PowerOn via Apple Insider).
The AR/VR Momentum Builds
if 2022’s tech chatter is going to be about anything, it’s going to be about Apple’s move into AR and VR. At the moment there are hires, there are supply chain noises, and various other tea leaves to read. But if the latest report on the hardware’s launch (late 2022 in minimal quantities, early 2023 for better availability) we’re going to have twelve months or more of hopes and dreams. How… exciting… will… that… be… 
“…Apple’s AR/VR headset will be “postponed to the end of 2022.” According to the analyst, more significant shipments of the product won’t begin until the first quarter of 2023, suggesting that the headset will arrive in stores with only a few units available for customers. Kuo had already said in a previous note that Apple already anticipates delays in the production of its mixed reality headset as the device is expected to have much more advanced hardware and design than rival products.”
(via 9to5Mac).
Three. Trillion. Dollars.
It took another week, but as expected Apple became the first company to hit the £3 trillion market cap, before falling back. It’s likely going to yo-yo around this significant value. But it’s not likely to stop here:
“The world’s most valuable company reached the milestone as investors bet that consumers will continue to shell out top dollar for iPhones, MacBooks and services such as Apple TV and Apple Music.
“It’s a fantastic accomplishment and certainly worthy to be celebrated,” said Jake Dollarhide, chief executive officer of Longbow Asset Management in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “It just shows you how far Apple has come, and how dominant it is seen as in the majority of investors’ eyes.””
AirPods For Everyone
Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reported on the holiday sales of Apple’s AirPods business. It’;s proving to be a very profitable line of “wearables” for Apple with sales continuing to rise:
“The company sold 27 million pairs of its newest version of the AirPods, for a total of 90 million sold during the holiday quarter of 2021, according to a report over the weekend from top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TFI Asset Management Limited. The sales will translate to 20% year-over-year revenue growth Apple’s wearable gadget business, Kuo said.”
And Finally…
What’s next for the AirPods range? It could be that the answer is ‘move away from Bluetooth’ as Apple’s VP of Acoustics Gary Geaves graciously grants What Hifi an interview. It’s a wide ranging look at the product line, the upcoming AirPods 3, and the challenges that Apple is addressing. Which includes the bandwidth limitations of Bluetooth:
“While it’s clear that Geaves would love to go deeper into this topic right now, it’s obvious that he’s not allowed to do so. It seems that we’ll just have to wait for the next generation of AirPods to find out whether he and his team have managed to solve the Bluetooth problem and develop a pair of genuinely hi-res wireless headphones.”
(What HiFi).
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