Evernote has recently updated the Evernote app for iOS, adding a number of new features. The updated version of Evernote allows integration with Skitch and provides the ability to add shortcuts on iOS devices.

The update brings a number of new features, and as far as the change log is concerned, it doesn’t seem to have any bug fixes. However, there are a number of “speed and stability improvements” that should help a lot.

One of the most important changes in the new version is that Favorites has now been changed to Shortcuts. Shortcuts are very similar to Favorites and easy to use. Consumers can save shortcuts for notes, notebooks, tags, as well as saved searches. Evernote has also explained how to mark items as shortcuts; a post on the Evernote blog explains it out.

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To add a note to the Shortcuts tab, simply tap on the star icon located along the bottom of the note. To make a Shortcut to a notebook, open the notebook, then tap on the Shortcuts tab. The first option in the Shortcut tab will be to add the notebook. Do the same to add Shortcut to a tag.

You can also quickly add a shortcut to a note in any note list by swiping the note. This exposes the shortcut star, along with an easy way to make a Reminder or to delete the note.

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Evernote has also integrated its Skitch drawing app with the Evernote app, allowing consumers to use Skitch directly in the Evernote app. In order to do so, consumers need to have both these services installed on their iOS devices. Additionally, if you are premium user, you will also be able to edit PDF documents directly from the app.

The update also brings a new interesting feature called “Announcements.” Using this feature, iOS consumers will be able to find the latest app updates, new tricks and tips, and other information posted by Evernote on its product blog. You can access this feature using the bugle icon in the app.